What is the Purple Flame of Divinity?

For those of you that are awakening and are on your journey of enlightenment, you may begin to experience more third eye activation visions.  These visions can be seen primarily when you close your eyes, in a restful state on the verge of falling into a deep sleep.  However, they can also be seen when awake with eyes both closed or opened, depending on the intensity of the third eye activation.

Once the third eye is activated, you will notice that solar activity and cosmic events will intensify the visions and experiences because of the incoming energies, light beams and frequency from the Divine Source.

How to know that your Third Eye has been Activated?

There are some physical signs and symptoms that can be indicators that your third eye is beginning to activate.  These include:

  1. – a tension spot right between your eyes, similar to a hard crystal rock that has accumulated at your third eye chakra causing it to be a little tight – this lasts for 3 months before subsiding.
  2. – a sudden and sharp headache that occurs a week before the activation, first around the temples and eyes that makes opening your eyes extremely painful, the pressure felt in the head feels so strong that your heart begins to race.
  3. – the following night after the first headache, a subsequent headache begins but this time at the back of your head, behind your ear lobes.  This headache feels more of a heavy, pounding and dull feeling.
  4. – you can feel like your pituitary gland and pineal glands are expanding gradually throughout the whole activation process.
  5. – mentally and emotionally, you are becoming much more intuitive, empathetic and sensitive to energies, spirits and auras.

What do you see when your Third Eye is Activated?

You will begin to see a variety of intricate images, patterns, colors, geometry, shades and lights within your third eye.

You will try to make out the shapes and designs, but what will stun you is the sheer clarity and intricacy of the pattern, design or vibrant colour – shades and tones that you may have never seen before.

As you become more experienced with seeing the patterns and colours, you may begin to make out the shapes.  Some prominent designs may include:

  1. – A blue or purple flame, this is the purple flame of divinity.  This is indicative that you are entering another dimension and are probably traversing dimensions – between 3D, 4D and 5D.
  2. – An image that resembles gas that is expanding and retracting, much like this vibrant blue/white gas particle is breathing in and out.
  3. – A blue, white and purple hole, spiral or wormhole, it can feel like you are literally going down a water slide or tube, almost to the point that it makes you feel dizzy.
  4. – An array of moving patterns, images and designs.  Some looking like floral designs, liquid patterns, gas particles, floating images and shades, but all of the same color pallet.  Primarily purples, white and blues.
  5.   – Occasionally a sudden zap of bright light that can knock you back into a brief 3D awakened state, causing you to blink and reset your visions.  Sometimes you feel the need to open your eyes again because you are not sure whether it is the light residue in your mind from when you open and close your eyes – but you then begin to clearly see the difference.
  6. – As the third eye visions become more pervasive, you may begin to see more definitive shapes.  For example patterns and geometry that resemble snowflakes, stars with circular patterns around it, prisms and potentially the “flower of life”, or the energy or light grid forming.
  7. – These visions may become more intense as the solar energies and cosmic incoming photon rays make its way to Earth and every living being.  Your DNA and cellular structures are evolving at a rapid speed.
  8. – As you begin to research your visions further, you may discover that what you have been seeing is the Sacred Geometry of the Universe.  This geometry is in every life being, entity, planet, universal matter since it forms the basis of the universal creative language being Vibration or Frequency in the form of an atom.  Everything has an atomic structure that is transmuted into a solid entity by the frequency being emitted by the surrounding energies coming from the Source, the Creator.



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