How to Awaken and Become Enlightened in the 2012 Shift?

Dec 21, 2012 Will NOT be the End of the World

So it’s fair to say that the doomsday scenario, end of the world and rapture stories for 2012 are just more ways for the Elite to instill FEAR into our hearts, our lives and between one another.  Just more attempts from the dark ones to cause further separation in a world that is currently filled with false scarcity, wanting, needing, survival and drudgery that  is centered on one root of evil – being MONEY and the fight for control over the world’s OIL.

From one side of the spectrum there is the genuine need for money to survive, sustain one’s living and to live a “normal” life that is filled with political and religious systems that challenge us, old belief systems that limit us and jobs that enslave us into our “comfort box” lifestyle.  All the way to the other side of the spectrum where this need turns into greed, war, power, abuse and control for a selected few (the Elite) over money for the purpose of controlling others and manipulating humanity.

The Golden Age has Arrived!

Mother Earth was plunged into darkness and into a low vibrational frequency.  The continuous destruction by evil forces over the many millennia left her planetary body literally dying as her natural resources became depleted, her energy drained, her living species extinct and attempts of mass destruction on her humans…

God, the Divine Creator answered the cry from Gaia (Mother Earth’s soul) and executed on the Divine Plan of Light to restore the balance and to bring peace, love, unity and abundance back to Earth.  He gathered the universal help of other ascended light beings, earth angels, starseeds, lightworkers, galactic federations and other star civilizations to assist Earth and her habitants in the 2012 planetary and evolutionary shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th.

The Golden Age is upon us.  Now that you are awakened to the clarity of the Light of Love, Hope and Freedom are yours to embrace…

In order for humanity to successfully evolve with Mother Earth, we need a critical mass of Light and Love to anchor us on Earth during the 2012 shift from a lower vibration to a higher vibration frequency, we must do the following 10 actions to embrace this inspiring journey of enlightenment:

10 Must Dos to Awaken and Become Enlightened in 2012

#1. Open our Hearts to the LIGHT of LOVE – to give and receive without judgement, unconditional and fearless love to one another.

#2. To find Inner Peace and Calm within your Loving Soul – releasing any pain, hurt, greed, resentment or anger from your past…and to FORGIVE yourself.

#3. To discover your Inner Strength, the God Spirit within You that is the truth, the light and that LOVE is the only way for you to evolve your DNA to the crystalline structure.

#4. To realize that by giving and receiving COMPASSION, you can receive a life of true abundance and a freedom with no limitations.

#5. To seek clarity in the HIDDEN TRUTH ALWAYS, and to use your wise discernment to know whether something feels right in every fibre of your being…

#6. To keep an open mind, body, spirit and heart to the unveiling truth.  And to welcome the DIVINE INTERVENTION of angels, spiritual icons, Earthless beings, ETs, our galactic and cosmic family for the GREATER GOOD…

#7. To detach yourself from the OLD SYSTEMS, rules, materials, people and beliefs that kept you asleep and tied down as they no longer serve your higher conscious being.

#8. To think positive and happy thoughts to manifest and bring about a new world that brings…

  • Peace on Earth
  • Compassionate Love
  • Unity between Borders, Separations and Divisions
  • Abundance for All
  • Eternal Happiness for Those of Good Intention
  • Restoration of Mother Nature’s Balance and Everlasting Beauty

#9. To thrive in your own TIMELESS BEAUTY, your innate perfection, your infinite spirit, your ETERNAL YOUTH and with no more physical pain, disease or death….but only love and service to others to bring them to the light of love.

#10. To continue raising your CONSCIOUSNESS, seek freedom and to embrace this journey of enlightenment my soul brothers and sisters.

Namaste!  In Love and Light,

Lilac Angel Lia



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