What Earth People are Enlightened?

Below are some of the awakened and enlightened Earthlings, humans, spiritual guides and multidimensional beings that we endorse as viable sources of messages from the Divine Source, from the Creator and for the greater good of humanity, the planet, the universe and beyond.

Please continue to check back for the latest messages on the 2012 ascension process, the mass awakening of humanity, the evolution of humanity and Mother Earth, the downfall of old systems, the collapsing of the financial, political and government systems and seeking the truth about humanity.

David Icke: http://www.davidicke.com/

David Wilcock: http://divinecosmos.com/

Sandra Walter: http://www.sandrawalter.com/

Edgar Cayce: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/cayce11.html

Montague Keen: http://www.montaguekeen.com/

Lilac Angel Lia: http://www.whathowhy.info/awakening-to-the-truth/


John Lennon: http://99occupyonline.com/post/14916858074/anxiouswarrior-john-lennon-talked-about

Bob Marley: http://www.true-enlightenment.com/bob-marley-quotes.html

Albert Einstein: http://iiriaa.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/the-mind-of-god-albert-einsteins-unfinished-symphony-full-documentary/ and  http://www.lowdensitylifestyle.com/the-masters-of-enlightenment-albert-einstein/

Charlie Chaplin: http://iiriaa.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/a-message-for-all-of-humanity-charlie-chaplin-2/

Wiley Brooks: http://www.breatharian.com/




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