How Mother Nature Smiles Back at You

Have you ever taken the time to notice the many ways in which Mother Nature has a way of smiling back at us….literally?  The magical and healing capabilities are abundantly available to us all, if only we stopped to take notice. If you are ever having that stressful hard day when everything seems to be leaving you drained, depressed and losing hope, remember the divine force is always watching over you, guiding you through the ups and downs of life, just keep an eye out for the signs of happiness, comfort, love and guidance that Mother Nature offers us all the time.

Have you ever wondered why it is natural for people of all ages, families and outdoor people to flock to the local parks, forests, conservation areas, natural landscapes and sights whenever they have a day off, a long weekend or even on a mild sunny Sunday afternoon?  It’s in our nature to be outside, our bodies crave to be close to nature as a way to reconnect with ourself as well as with loved ones, because we are part of nature too, being a living and sentient being of love – and part of the greater circle of life that we call universal ONENESS.

#1. Take a blade of sand dune grass, put it under the microscope to see the many happy faces that smile right back at you…

This picture shows a cross section of the leaf of marram grass Ammophila arenaria, a species of dune grass that’s primarily responsible for trapping wind-blown sand and building the dune systems around our coast. Marram grass survives by rolling up its leaves during long periods of drought, minimizing water loss. This cross section of a partially rolled leaf has been stained with fluorescent dyes to light up different cell types within the leaf, with the outside surface of the leaf at the bottom of the picture (smooth, curved surface) and the inner convoluted surface at the top.

The distinctive features that look like ‘smiley faces’ with a pair of large ‘eyes’ with a blue open ‘mouth’ – are the leaf veins that conduct water and sugars along the leaf . So, if you were a cow eating this grass, every bite would contain a ‘smiley face’ 🙂

#2. Don’t forget to look up at the sky, see the birds flying over a beautiful sunset…

God is always watching over us, whether it is through the Divine Mother Nature’s pristine beauty, a smiley face sunset or geese flying in a happy face formation, you never know what is above unless you take the time to look up.  Even better would be to make a point of observing the sunset daily, the last 20 minutes of the sun can be one of the most magical moments out there that is completely free – a beautiful sunset can change your mood from bad to good since it forces you to reflect om your day, your life and to ground yourself back to the fact you are part of a bigger picture.  In the grander scheme of things you are a moving particle in the circle of life, in the universe’s consciousness and spiritual life force of ONE.

#3. Check out the various foilage, leaves, greenery and shrub patterns while you walk in the park…

There are a numerous of benefits to taking that stroll in the park, or that hike in the woodlands or even an adventurous expedition in the mountains.  Not only can you benefit from the fresh air, the oxygen that is omitted by plant life, trees and greenery, but also the exposure to countless of natural herbs, plant life scents and floral fragrances can leave you feeling even more calm, rejuvenated and relaxed.  Being away from the hustle and bustle of city life has its own benefits to, so don’t forget to take some time to get away from the concrete jungle once in a while and immerse yourself within the delights of nature’s wonderland.  There is so much that the outdoors offers you when it comes to grounding yourself, reconnecting with your true inner being and connecting with the natural beauty of mother nature.

#4. Don’t forget to look up at the blue sky canvas for cloud art…

Remember to look up at the blue sky once in a while, seek out the clouds and the designs they make, whether it is that cloud in a shape of a flying turtle, laughing dog, angel wings, profile of a face or two fluffy rabbits.  Whatever shape you see, or cloud art you can see from your angle – it is your own personal art piece, displayed for you at that split moment in time – maybe it is something that rings home with you – a cloud in the form of a musical note, or in the shape of a heart, or your initials – it strikes a raw emotion just for that instance so enjoy it, let it remind you that life really isn’t that bad despite how tough things can get.  Let it remind you to never give up on hope and let it leave you smiling as you drive to work, walk along the busy city street or jog along the beach.

#5. Take a closer look at the different snowflake designs…you will see the sacred patterns of life

Have you ever looked at a snowflake?  Look at the intricate details of each flakes, the different varieties of snowflakes, different sizes, all designed with such minute detail, precision and sacred geometry.  Do you think God or Mother Nature used a compass and protractor to form this intricate design?

  • Have you ever really looked at the beauty in a flower, the intricate patterns you see on its petal.  Have you ever noticed how complex and advanced our body is?  How carefully structured and engineered it is, from the brain, the heart, immune system, endocrine glands and body functions and mechanics – it’s carefully thought out and planned to be sustaining yet thriving and somewhat infinite.

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