How the 2012 Olympic Light of Unity will Shine Bright

What an ingenious and symbolic Olympic cauldron lighting idea that was at the opening ceremonies in London this evening.  An extremely innovative, creative and symbolic way to represent the unity and coming together of world nations at such a major sporting event.  Having each flame in the copper petal container that represented every participating nation coming together into one united big flame, was very symbolic of how sports has the ability to unite.  This Olympic torch, or light of unity will keep shining bright throughout the games for the next 2 weeks and hopefully in the hearts of every man beyond the closing ceremonies.  There is a good feeling in the air now, as hope has been restored against the agenda of the Illuminati and that this amazing feeling of love, unity and peace that have replaced any apprehension or concern that was caused by the false flag terrorism scenario that the Illuminati were trying to promote as a way to instill fear into the hearts of every man.

The way mankind has come together to put on such an amazing and fantastic opening ceremony, and of course the Olympics sporting event from the thousands of volunteers, Olympic operation workers, venue staff and the athletes themselves – it’s an amazing way to observe the best qualities of humanity around passion, peace, respect, unity, healthy competition and compassion.  These global sporting events allows any political tense situations to be put aside for the 2-3 weeks surrounding the event as it encourages safe and healthy competition between nations with an underlying theme of peace, comrady and unity throughout.

Lookout for more divine revelations and additional symbolisms of world peace, unity and respect for one another throughout the Olympics.  I have an intuitive feeling that something good will happen on Aug 4th.


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