What is Terra Nova at the London Olympics?

Courtesy of Laura Tycos.

Terra Nova Conceived at Olympic Stadium

August 3, 2012

Reported by Earth Crew

On August 3 a group called Earth Crew cleared Olympic Stadium of all negativity, laid out the proverbial red carpet for our space family, and activated an etheric ceremony wherein, with the assistance of Galactics, Intergalactics, and Interstellar beings, Terra Nova was conceived.

We were asked to clean up the Olympic stadium and lay a red carpet.  The concepts of new energy that were used to conceive Terra Nova are identical to the scientific concepts mankind is learning for new free energy devices. The Triad Christ/Buddha/Maitreya has explained that if there is an inverted cone or pyramid sitting on top of an upright cone or pyramid, with a narrow column in between, the region between the two cones or pyramids can be designated as a “null zone”. Within that null zone there is a moment of  NoSpace/NoDistance/NoTime.  The new Universal Science teaches Causal Energy, Secondary Energy and Resultant Energy, and the UP AND DOWN process of moving energy — when the UP energy is reversed and begins to go down, at that moment there is also a moment of NoSpace/NoDistance/NoTime.

Also, when energy moves DOWN through a narrow coil or column between the two cones, it appears to have reversed its direction.  The traces of the movement of these energies are called “inward spirals” and “outward spirals”.

On the rove to Olympic Stadium by Earth Crew, the feminine aspect remained hovering, while the male aspect landed on the ground.  Three males, along with three Galactic volunteers who immediately came to their assistance, positioned themselves near the perimeter of the circular stadium, at six points (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 ‘minutes’).  Each manifested a circle around his body, large enough to touch his neighbor.  The circle represented his energy field, and all the fields touched, forming a unified energy unit.  It was not until the next day that we realized that a contingent of six males was required.  Three Intergalactic males substituted for the missing three Earth males.  They probably represented the Galactic, the Intergalactic and Interstellar brethren. In this way the “sperm” energy that seeded or created Terra Nova was of both Earth and higher dimensions.

While the male aspect was clearing Olympic Stadium, the feminine aspect was directed to stand in a circle facing outward, backs touching, forming an empty column in their midst. That empty region became a “null zone” which I described previously.  In this region of NoTime/NoSpace/NoDistance the energies can be manipulated by a controller.  This concept was taught to me by Christ/Buddha/Maitreya, who explained that if the energies within such a region are not directed, something new may be created in a different time and space, and at a new distance. I am of the opinion that Creator Gods, who had planned this entire event, had complete control of what was transpiring.]

The male energies joined the magnetic energy rising from the ground, all the while picking up negative thought form energy.  One of the clairvoyants observed a mini-tornado, or an increase in the energies within the stadium.  This increased energy dissipated the negative thought forms. 

The Galactic and Earth male energy spiraled into a beam that rose towards the female aspect. We learned later that the unified male energy became the equivalent of sperm created by Intergalactic and Earth male energies. One of the clairvoyants observed a brilliant flash of white/gold light. This may have been conception of Terra Nova,  the moment when the glorified male energies reached the feminine aspect and creation of the “novum” occurred.  This is when Creator Gods from Interstellar Space and Earth impregnated Mother Earth, represented by six of the feminine aspect, and Terra Nova was conceived.

Let us now define what occurred, using Universal scientific language.  The male ‘sperm’ energy that spiraled upward to the center of the feminine aspect was a Causal Energy.  The latent magnetic energy of the female aspect was a Secondary Energy.  While the male energy was in the “null zone” (the empty column formed by women with their backs facing each other), the Creator Gods infused a third new energy into the ‘sperm’. The union of the male energies and the magnetic, loving energies of the female aspect became the Resultant energy. The ‘novum’ or ‘new ovum’ was christened “Terra Nova” by Archangel Michael.  

It is done.  The New Earth has been seeded.  This occurred at approximately 9:00 p.m. or 21:00 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

We give thanks to the Creator for allowing Earth Crew to participate actively in this New Creation.  Transcripts of channeled messages from Archangel Michael and others will be posted as soon as they are transcribed.

Helen Engel

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