How the Light is Exposing the Truth 1

The following are 5 startling revelations that you may or may not know about the world you live in today, stay tuned for more revelations as the truth becomes exposed in the next few weeks:

1. Only Governments Want War

The athletes have spoken. Olympic wrestlers Jordan Burroughs (USA) and Sadegh Goudarzi (Iran), after competing against each other for the gold medal in freestyle wrestling. Thanks to Sunny.

2. The New World Order’s Population Wipe Out Tactics

Remove the ability for women to procreate, attack the female’s reproductive anatomy through growth hormones in food, tainted water and poisons in our food supply.  Create man-made diseases and viruses to wipe out 90% of the population, shower us with harmful toxins in the air (chem trails), use toxic substances in our medicine and pharmaceutical products, and if that doesn’t work, wipe us out with man-made tsunamis, earthquakes and attempted nuke attacks.

3. How the Entire System of Humanity that we Live In is actually a Pyramid Scheme of Power, Greed, Money and Mind Control as part of the Bigger Population Control Agenda

4. Hollywood Sci Fi Movies and Mainstream Media have Misled You

The Cabal and Elite Forces have used Hollywood sci-fi movies and mainstream movies to distract the unsuspecting population through a reversed psychology mind control tactic that brainwashes them consciously and sub-consciously to think that the existence of any ETs, Aliens or Non-Earth Super-beings are completely science fiction.  And if there ever was the possibility of an alien coming to Earth, it would be for the purposes of invasion, doom, destruction and rapture.  This could not be more far from the truth!

If the ETs or super beings wanted to invade and destroy us, it would have been done already and Earth would have been obliterated 15 years ago.  The tele-porting we observed in Star Trek, the anti-gravity machines and vehicles we saw in Total Recall and Demolition Man are not FICTION, they are FACT!  This advanced technology has existed for more than 40 years but has been suppressed by the Cabal to control us and make us think that we absolutely need them to survive because of them controlling all natural resources and the basic necessities for survival.  The fact that a spaceship can cloak and uncloak itself while hovering in the sky above Earth is not FICTION, it’s FACT!  The fact that light beings or super human species can save humanity from it’s own inflicted destruction is FACT, not FICTION!  It’s time to start opening your mind to the possibility that you have been living in an ILLUSION…

5. How Monsanto is Killing Us Slowly through Food, Medicine, Water and Air



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