How to Free Yourself from Mental Slavery

The truth has been exposed, the old systems have been completely dissolved even though you have not been informed by the mainstream media, it’s time for the People to take back their sovereignty, reclaim their freedom and birth rights of BEINGS of the CREATOR, the Source, the Universal Law that really “governs” us all, which is one of Love, Peace, Unity and Abundance!

Did you know that Canada, Australia and at least 37 other countries are actually CORPORATIONS that have beneficiaries associated with it that reports on profit margin win and losses from your hard earned tax paying money?  Most of these COUNTRY CORPORATIONS report into the House of Windsor/the Vatican as well as their financial reports going into Washington DC – making these countries, US-Based Corporations.  FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL for banks, politicians, governments and legal entities!


Read this article thoroughly to understand how every government, bank and corporation across the globe has been foreclosed upon due to the UCC (Universal Commerce Code) filings that were served by OPPT.

You will see that we, as fellow humans, planetary citizens and the common public have the choice to peacefully not comply to the old corrupt and fraudulent systems anymore, to take a stand for the sake of the greater good of humanity so that this world can truly become a better place in our lifetime.  We are EMPOWERED to RECLAIM our FREEDOM and to live a life of fun, bliss, harmony and above all unconditional love!

1. Stop paying your mortgage, send Courtesy Notices addressed to the person that handles your mortgage and collections.

Enclosed are several cases of people refusing to pay their mortgages, and who have used the courtesy notices to get their point across to the alleged corporations, banks and “governments” that pursue them for debt recovery, taxes and service fees for a “fictitious debt” that the entire currency system has been based upon.

One Canadian Ex-Military Veteran exposes the Corruption First Hand in the Canadian Legal, Banking and Political System in Ontario.

Other success stories where people have broken away from the old system and succeeded in overcoming their mortgage debt, credit card or line of credit debt, student loans, insurance, utility and basic living charges, etc.

2. Stop paying taxes, send Courtesy Notices to your local city council, town mayor, financial services and legal entities to inform them that the system has collapsed, and that they are working at their own personal liability for an alleged corporate entity or an illegal corporation posing as “government”.

3. Stop paying your bills, parking tickets and insurance companies.  Having difficulty paying for home insurance, gas, hydro, water and other telecommunication service utilities (basic natural resources)?  Send Courtesy Notices to these alleged corporations and your local utility service providers whether it is British Gas, Enbridge or Bell.

Want to see more proof that this works?  Read this guy’s story that hit the mainstream media here:

4. Stop paying any other form of debt – other loans, student loans, credit cards or line of credits.  Send Courtesy Notices to the alleged banks and corporations to inform them that the political, financial and legal landscape has changed.

5. Withdraw all of your money from the banks, RSPs, holdings or mutual funds.  Take it as liquid cash assets, or even better buy something tangible such as a house or car with cold hard cash.

6. Quit being a corporate slave and start living a quality fun and fulfilled life with your loved ones. 

Go travel, take up music, revisit your artistic talent, maybe try your hand at the culinary arts for wholesome and organic food (to bypass the corrupted and tainted food system) or become a natural health worker/healer to enrich other people’s lives.

7. Find your true passion and it is not being the Customer Service Rep for the alleged “Barclays Bank”, or the Collections Manager for the alleged “City of Toronto” taxes or the VP of Operations for the alleged “Powerstream”.

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