What is the Truth about Paul Walker’s Tragic Death

The truth about Paul Walker’s tragic death in a nutshell…

Paul Walker was a heaven sent earth angel who not only was a brilliant actor and producer, but also had a big compassionate heart to help those in need and be the change that we want to see for a better world.  In January 2010, Paul Walker was part of the disaster recovery and relief team that was sent to Haiti following the earthquake that devastated the already poverty-stricken country.  He had seen a gap in disaster relief skill sets, resources and the right medical care needed in such dire situations – so put together an efficient and effective disaster relief network called ROWW (Reach Out World Wide).

“ROWW is a volunteer network of committed professionals with first responder skill-set (including project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, EMT, paramedic, firefighting, and healthcare, etc). The volunteers provide their expertise when disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts on a worldwide basis. ROWW has developed Standard Operating Procedures that facilitate arriving quickly, clearing access, providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors’ pain and bringing hope in the bleakest of circumstances.”

From Paul Walker’s first experience of being  part of a relief team sent from the US to Haiti, as well as facilitating disaster relief for his own network organization of first responders – he was able to observe first hand some of the unnecessary bureaucracy, corruption and in some cases some of the inhumane treatment that was disguised as disaster relief and aid towards some of these 3rd world poverty-stricken countries.  Namely that Haiti survivors and disease victims where being sent tainted food and toxic medical aid that would initially see to their emergency need for food and medical aid, but would then start to cause degradation and chronic sickness to the health of these Haitian people over the next few years.  The distribution of this tainted food and toxic medicine had gotten so bad in 2012-2013, that the Haitian people refused to accept any more food from the US and preferred to eat from their own farm and crop yields.

Paul Walker had observed this major gap in the disaster recovery process and this black op style world elite deceptive activity,

which made him a liability to the world elite and the powers that be.  In 2013 he was in the prime of his acting/producing career with the Fast n Furious franchise installments that were progressively generating more and  more revenue with every new installment – and they had completed Fast 6 and in the process of filming Furious 7.  Paul Walker was in a position that could compromise the powers that be if he had come out with the hidden truth about the disconnects and dysfunctions of the mainstream media perceived  US disaster recovery efforts.

Now over to his tragic death.  Yes he did die unfortunately despite the fake death theories (Paul Walker is sadly missed R.I.P) – but it had nothing to do with Roger (the driver) speeding and then losing control in that Porsche.  It wasn’t even that one tree, or the four trees or that one “non-existent” pole that the vehicle had supposedly hit into causing the car to burst into flames.  There were no tire marks found at the scene from this high-speed vehicle spinning out of control as a result of being bounced off numerous trees and that pole.  The media’s photos showed a license plate that was different to that on the actual car and the front of the vehicle was too in tack for it to hit into a handful of trees.  The damage that was done to the Porsche resembled that of an explosive crater that literally hit the centre of the vehicle – if this car had hit the trees as the media cover story had suggested, the damage to the front would have been much more damaged and mangled than it actually was.  There are suspicions that either the Porsche had been rigged with a remote detonated explosive that created the crater damage and pretty much exploded the car and the two men into smithereens (as both bodies were beyond recognition) or that it was drone stealth missile similar to that used on the Pentagon in 9/11.

It seems that this was yet another FALSE FLAG event courtesy of the powers that be, trying to distract the public with smokes and mirrors from the truth by shifting blame to someone else, to speed being the factor, to that Santa Clarita location being known for illegal racing, to a supercharged super super Porsche that was hard to drive by two professional drivers.  Whatever the cover story is and the many amendments to the mass media story – only the Creator, the Divine Maker knows the truth.

Paul Walker was killed in order to keep him from whistle blowing about the illegal and inhumane crimes that were being committed by certain black op government entities under the disguise of the disaster relief efforts to these third world countries.



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