How Monsanto Poisons your Food Supply

Monsanto, the most unethical business in the world!

Monsanto started off as a biochemical company that manufactured Agent Orange as part of the Vietnam War and left many war veterans with countless of sight problems, lung dysfunctions and neurological disorders.  Now how does a biochemical company become the world leader in Genetically Modified Foods, bullying countries that refuse to accept it’s GM seed patent.  Monsanto now manufactures their patented synthetic grain, seeds and crops that the North American agricultural industry is supposed to literally bow down to an comply, leaving many small to medium-sized farmers having to either grow and promote this synthetic GM grain or to close their farms having made a significant loss.

Monsanto is the same company that went on to bring consumers the famous weedkiller Round Up and many other leading brand weedkillers.

How can the same company that manufactures the weedkiller be the same company that dictates what is in our food?  Something is terribly wrong when a fertilizer company is in charge of the food supply.  It’s no wonder that there are more immune deficiency conditions, neurological disorders and hormone dysfunction diseases than ever before.  It’s time to know the truth about Monsanto.  It’s time to to SAY NO TO MONSANTO!

“It’s time to end Monsanto’s scorched earth legal campaign of threats and intimidation against America’s farmers. Family farmers should be protected by the courts against the unwanted genetic contamination of their crops,”

said Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots community of more than 300,000 farmers and citizens dedicated to reforming food and agriculture, that is co-plaintiff in the suit.

Get in the Know about What you Eat because it could Save your Life.  DO NOT BUY MONSANTO PRODUCTS!

The list of Monsanto products contains some of the most popular household brands on the market.  Ask yourself why these food-like products are allowed to be sold as food.