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swan flies to freedomTHE AWKWARD TRUTH – the REAL NEWS that you need to know but which the mainstream media will not tell you.

This is your independent news resource for everything that is happening in the world that really matters to you, the real deal, objective and not subjective, neutral and not bias – critical to your life on Earth, addressing the basic necessities of life.  This news portal brings together the news, media, validated user generated content and more from across the globe.  Like anything on the Internet, please use your own discretion and discernment.

When something is true, it simply feels like an undeniable knowing since these insights and messages come from a Divine Source.

Sometimes the mind is not always true, as it is a perception of old systems, controls and limitations that were set in place by a selected few of the Dark Ones, Cabal, Illuminati, Elite, Secret Service and New World Order.  These dark forces had their own manipulative and evil agenda of instilling fear, creating false scarcity in our natural resources, monopolizing our water, oil, gas and energy supply, tainting our food and pharmaceutical drugs and sabotaging nature and weather systems to create fictitious wars that created a media but very public and perceived “real” frenzy!

We will no longer be slaves to such power and control as we begin to awaken to the hidden truth on all aspects of our lives.  Always question what you are told, do your own research until you find satisfaction in your heart.

Skepticism, complacency and indifference can be your worse enemies.  Fear will keep you stagnant and trapped, Love will free your mind, heart, body and soul.

You deserve the truth, you deserve to be set free, you deserve to witness the life that was promised to you by our Creator.  Heaven on Earth, Abundance to All and Compassionate Love to Replace Money.  IT HAS ARRIVED!

About Pink Tiger Lily

Awaken to the Truth as it will set you Free!

Once you become awakened by a sudden life changing event, a tragic situation, near death experience or a wake up call, it is very much like a light just went on and for once you have a glimpse into the clarity of what your life is truly about. For that split moment you can see your past, present and future all intertwined and it’s as if you know that things will never be the same again. In fact they would be significantly different but all for the better as you actually realize that your life has an underlying purpose and that you want to live it fully and with meaning! This little seed of light that just got planted is awaiting that defining moment when your conscious and sub-conscious mind both come to the same conclusion that change is needed.

If you think that all these world events, spiritual awakening activity and hidden truth revelations do not concern you, well think again – you are in for a rude awakening. Please just consider the truth about humanity, about your life, your purpose. I am not here to convince you, merely to guide you to the righteous path of truth – that is the light and love that fuels us all as sentient beings.

Hope never left us, can you find it again?

Faith, remember this is what you felt when you were an innocent child of 5

Love, is why you are here

Charity and Compassion, without it we cannot grow

Pink Tiger Lily channels her Higher Self,  Awakened and Enlightened Soul “My search for the missing answer has been found – and the radiant light of God’s love is shining through me that I feel a Freedom with No Limitation.  I have overcome my greatest fears, vulnerabilities and pain in my past and past lives, and have finally learned what everything that has taken place in my life up until this point means and that they have led me to this path of enlightenment.  I have an incline to share my knowledge with the world and to care and help for others which has been with me and in me ever since I was child.

Pink Tiger Lily’s mission is to help others find the true authentic self and creative potential.  In the grandmaster plan of this SHIFT to the NEW EARTH, I AM A BRIDGE, A PORTAL FROM 3D to 5D…