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How to Be the Change that You Want to See

Escape from the madness and turmoil of the systems that have failed us – the rising gas prices, unsustainable economy crisis, expensive cost of living, the laws that cause us to fight for survival rather than protect us. BE THE CHANGE you want to see. Start by boycotting or refusing to comply to a system that is based on corruption, manipulation, control, greed and power and shifting the paradigm of the common public, the 6.5 billion people on the planet that are not part of the selected Elite, Cabal or Dark forces from one of enslavement, entrapment and drudgery to one of FREEDOM of SPEECH, ACTION and to embrace your infinite possibilities of eternal happiness, peace, love, compassion and abundance. Reclaim your right to be free, to live a life full of happiness, joy, laughter, fun, compassion and many positive adventures. Shift this paradigm of one that is of service to self to one of service to others. What does this mean? Well to begin treating others with love, respect and compassion, and to recognize that we are all of the same Source, the same One Spirit. When you hurt somebody else, you are in fact hurting yourself!

Implement the Change by…standing up for your rights as a free spirit in a human body, that you will no longer be under the control of any wrongful sovereignty, laws that do not apply to the elite, or policies that only benefit the rich few or systems that strip you of your dignity and integrity, that leave you entrapped in a world that is full of tyranny, and enslaved to the big corporations and Elite that dictate every aspect of humanity – survival, basic necessities, food supply, freshwater system, health, education and the availability of natural resources..

The 5-Point Freedom Manifestation Plan

Effective Immediately:


Boycott the income tax balance that you owe the government, stop paying any taxes for the financial system has let us all down, certain segments of the government have failed to protect the common people. Tax percentages, interest rates, paper money circulation, debt and inflation has seriously failed 99% of mankind, where as 1% continues to bathe in the riches and wealth at the expense of others that live in drudgery, that try to make a decent living and in worse cases are living in severe poverty.

If you really want to make your point, stop paying anymore sales, retail or value-added taxes from now on. Simply pay the value of the product, and service as part of the exchange of goods and services – but do not worry anymore about being taxed on these goods that are part of your birth right.

When enough people take action, this will serve as a trigger to initiate the change you want to see, the failing systems will fall apart yes, but in the end everything will change for the better! A more united and equal society that allows every 7 billion human to thrive rather than barely survive!


Either convert your savings, RSPs, pension plans into a tangible asset that you can touch and feel. Put that down payment on that house that you have been saving for years, buy that dream car with liquid cash and start reaping the fruitful benefits of your hard labour. You have worked so hard and put in so much time just to make a living its about time you cash in the rewards so you can live in the moment and enjoy your life that way it was meant to be. Sure start converting the fictitious “money” into something material that is real, however, do not become attached to the material for it is simply a means to an end, a functional object or asset that is useful but by no means does not define you. The size of a man’s wallet does not make the man, it is the size of his heart that will make this man shine with radiance. For women it is important to get in touch with your inner goddess, to unleash your divine feminine for what it is, and that is to nurture, care for and love every living and sentient being in the universe. If everybody could live a life of “good will” all year around, society would be a much better place as paying it forward and just the act of giving/receiving love would allow the world to be filled with an abundance of unconditional love and compassion – complying to the laws of karma and oneness (unity).


You may be earning a decent 6 figure salary but at the end of the day, does it really complete you? Is your life truly fulfilled because you have a good credit rating score, or because you have that 7 bedroom house for a family of 5, or because you have all the latest luxury gadgets and modern comforts that you think you need to make you feel worthy? Is there still something missing in your heart, maybe that little voice that has been muted, or that natural creative talent that was forced to be sidelined when you chose to take that degree in Financial Management 15 years ago? Well start to break that silent and hidden truth that calls out from inside, LISTEN to your inner desire for music, art, design, helping others, cooking, healing other peoples pains or relieving them from worry. Realize that you are natural beings of love and creativity, your creativity is an expression of your unconditional love for yourself and everything around you. Simply tap into it properly and you will realize the amazing feeling of reward you get when you enrich someone else’s life with your beautiful song, masterpiece or words of advice!

Seriously rethink whether you are happy working for a boss that you doesn’t take the time to get to know you and recognize the many hours you put in for them to increase their profit margin, or improve their bottom line or escalate their position on Forbes top 100 list simply because you are good at making a profit at the expense of other people’s benefit, misery, misfortune or desperation. Advertising and marketing strategies that basically milk the system and which sell products that are filled with flaws, expiry dates cannot sustain as consumers become that much WISER as they wake up. Advertising plans which mark-up certain products or services based on the fictitious hype of market supply and demand, false scarcity, the latest gadget, marketing fluff, glamorous enticements and incentives will crumble as more people turn off TV commercials, refuse to be bombarded with pop up ads and negative ion noise that simply tries to control you, entice you to buy something by convincing your sub-conscious mind that you need this product to feel worthy or to survive.


If enough people suddenly stopped paying their mortgage payments all at the same time, the banking system would literally crumble like a stack of cards overnight. Because what is funding this make belief credit system, loan borrowing, mortgage system is a pack of lies, filled with fictitious numbers and magical illusions courtesy of that high-flying banker that pretty much runs everything in society. For 2000 years this has been going on under our noses and we have been part of this sleeping sheep system, however, the times have changing where the numbers are with the people, the common public can reclaim the power because we have the numbers behind us. If even one city started this boycott of mortgage payments, this would get the point across to the financial and political elite, but we will no longer be sitting ducks or sleeping sheep waiting for our slaughter – we could start a MOVEMENT across the INTERNET, using social media as a positive sway and sphere of influence. Iceland has proven that good things can come about when the common people stand together in unity to question, confront and stand up against government policies and procedures that simply do not work. Iceland is the first to implement a debt forgiveness approach and to waive mortgage obligations just as long as everybody understands that there is no room for greed, excessive lifestyles or material status.

As we await the downfall of the financial system that has kept us prisoners to our own life, and have stripped us of our dignity and treated our precious time as a commodity, why not join in the whole fictitious credit system that we are part of? It is your right to utilize the paper money, the digital numbers, credit lines and loans for what they are, fiat money system that only some are taking advantage of for their own luxury and lavish living. Why don’t you max out your credit cards, use up the loan that you so need to pay off the rising gas prices and high cost of living – throw the credit rating system and scoring back in the face of those big bankers that think they can continue to control you like a puppet on a string.


Like anything on the Internet, please use your own discretion and discernment.

When something is true, it just feels right in your gut instinct, in your heart and in every fibre of your body. Sometimes the mind is not always true, as it is a perception of old systems, controls and limitations that were set in place by a selected few of the Dark Ones, Cabal, Illuminati, Elite, Secret Service and New World Order. These dark forces had their own manipulative and evil agenda of instilling fear, creating false scarcity in our natural resources, monopolizing our water, oil, gas and energy supply, tainting our food and pharmaceutical drugs and sabotaging nature and weather systems to create fictitious wars that created a media but very public and perceived “real” frenzy!

We will no longer be slaves to such power and control as we begin to awaken to the hidden truth on all aspects of our lives. Always question what you are told, do your own research until you find satisfaction in your heart.

Skepticism, complacency and indifference can be your worse enemies. Fear will keep you stagnant and trapped, Love will free your mind, heart, body and soul.

You deserve the truth, you deserve to be set free, you deserve to witness the life that was promised to you by our Creator. Heaven on Earth, Abundance to All and Compassionate Love to Replace Money. IT HAS ARRIVED!







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