Unity of Oneness

How the Shift to Peace and Unity Happened on 21st Dec 2012

After the 21st December 2012

Although the majority of humanity were unaware of anything significant happening on the 21st December 2012, there were at least 80,000 enlightened and awakened beings among us that were able anchor the incoming light energies from the divine cosmos and Father/Mother source for the same of the rest of the unawakened population of humanity. Through raising their awareness and consciousness, increasing the quotient of light of Mother Earth’s light grids as she passed through the galactic centre on the new Winter Solstice and the New Age Sun rising at 6.11 est and 11.11 gmt.

“Wasn’t the world supposed to end? There was no kaboom. And we are all still here living after the 21st!”


It is because of these Earth angels, spiritual workers lightworkers, star seeds, gatekeepers and showers among us that the doomsday scenario did not materialize but instead a new age to begin – the Golden Age! Just like nothing disastrous happened at the London Olympics as they were always intercepted by the divine benevolent forces.

“No doomsday scenario thankfully because of the 80,000 enlightened beings that meditated, prayed and manifested the positive outcome that you will all begin to witness…”

For those individuals that were expecting a doomsday or rapture scenario to play out, they manifested any negative outcomes because of their negative thoughts that stemmed from the fear-based movies and mass media on the 2012 end of the world. The shift to a peaceful, unified and love-based planet did occur collectively but for the individual to recognize it, it begins from the inside. The change is within one’s heart, one’s soul that may be so internal that the individual does not notice instantly, but gradually these changes would be visible externally in other people and in the collective energy that surrounds them.

For those individuals that are already awakened to the their true higher self, spiritual being and eternal bliss – they would have observed and experienced the rise in the divine energies to one of bliss, love, euphoria, freedom and one of infinite possibilities – some may have chosen to ascend completely and therefore disappeared, others may have crossed over between dimensions but have decided to straddle both the 3rd and 5th as the planet makes the gradual transition to allow as many souls a chance to raise their frequencies so as not to be left behind on the 3d hologram based on the illusion of FEAR when others are raising their consciousness to the 5d vibrations of LOVE.

This transitional period will continue for the next few months as more changes become more noticeable and with positive but drastic changes to humanity – we will see the separation, wars, greed, anger, ego, violence, poverty, drudgery and survival begin to fade as part of the evolution of the planet and replaced with unity, peace, compassion, harmony, goodwill, abundance, prosperity, equality and love begin to take over on all levels of society, humanity and both internally and externally for individuals and the collective population.

A Personal Account of 12-12-12 Event

The intensity of the incoming light energies was noticeable to myself as I am an awakened earth being that is considered to be a guiding messenger aka Lilac Angel Lia. The weeks leading up to this date consisted of more intense vibrations in all of my chakras, more intense activity in my third eye and crown chakras as the intensity of warm love energy showered my head like giddy giddy butterflies that made my head warm and fuzzy. Definitely active opening of the heart chakra as clearings could be felt physically by heart palpitations, breathlessness but at the same time an expansion of the heart chakra area.

Dreamtime became a lot more vivid and real to the point that I felt the dream was reality and reality was the illusion.

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