Channeled Messages from the Divine Source

This is my own personal account of Awakening to the Truth. I will blog here freely, without limitation, without punctuation or over-edited grammar as this will be the outlet for my real-time messages, inner thoughts and inclines that I feel are coming from within or from my higher self – posted in it’s raw form as it enters my consciousness and is channeled through me into the collective consciousness of those who choose to read this on the Internet.

Oct 28, 2012. Vibrations are Rising. As the frequency and energies intensifies. Disclosure will happen in Obama’s acceptance speech.

Lately the vibrating of my body has been so intense and more frequent that I need to shake myself out of the automatic vibration and hold on to something physical in the room to ensure that I am still grounded. It happens wherever I am when I find stillness in my bed, crossing over into subconscious and sleep mode, meditative state but also sometimes when I am up and about in my daily activities.

I recently attended the wake and funeral of my dearest Uncle Paul, apart from the overwhelming sense of sadness and pure emotion – I could not help but feel the warm fuzzy energy of love that surrounded that room – it gave me the butterflies over my head – like a warm breeze engulfing my crown chakra. Sometimes it was so intense I had to hold on to my head. His death was somewhat poetic as many rainbows appeared and only blue skies were seen as he passed over to the other side of veil. I missed a physical goodbye – but managed to have a spiritual farewell and emotional moment at the wake, as I thought about seeing him again on the otherside – with my dearest Aunty, Grandparents and other loved ones.

As 3d earth continues to plummet into more madness, turmoil, chaos and darkness there is an overpowering amount of light coming through to neutralize the negative forces from the Cabal as they make their last attempts to destroy humanity. There is so much love in the air as our consciousness is raised significantly – as we are united over these sad and tragic events. This is the storm before the calm – a climaxing scenario of what hell on earth would be like before experiencing heaven on earth for many more lifetimes. Eternal youth, abundance, love and compassion awaits you as we prepare for the golden age.

Another amazing synchronicity that I observed in the death of my late Uncle Paul.  At the time of his death, that evening all I could do was sing some hymns while I showered at got ready for bed.  I asked my fiance if he knew of these songs, Raise you up on Eagle’s Wings, Make me a Channel, Be Not Afraid.  Turns out that these were the exact hymns my Uncle had chosen to play at his beautiful funeral service.  Also an amazing song called Refiner’s Fire (Purify my Heart).  My thoughts and words are in hymns as I seem to sing God’s praises.  Not even in a religious way, but more wholesome than that – more like being a natural Earth angel that I am.  I still seek to learn about my past lives and understand what my soul contract is, I gravitate towards the violet flame all the time, and Venus rings home to me as I dream of always being to reach out to touch Earth from where I am – floating in the cosmos.

Please close your eyes and visualize with me…
Now picture this….a world where the dolphins in every ocean jump for joy in the unity of Mother Earth, where every human being is genuinely compassionate to one another, where there is no more separation between religion, race, colour or class. Where by there is no more power or control over mother nature’s resources, no need to fight to survive or to work to make a living. But simply to LIVE in sweet harmony, love, happiness, compassion and creativity. Where money will be a thing of the past, but instead a society runs on simple bartering and gift/trade exchanges that come from the heart as service to others. Servicing others is reciprocal and since we would all be connected as the one spirit that we are, service and helping others would in fact help yourself. No more karma but instead dharma. Now open your eyes at the next sunrise you see will be that of the GOLDEN AGE rising up!

Aug 1, 2012. The Divine Energies are Stronger than Ever and the Good Intentions of the Galactic Federation of Light can be Seen. DISCLOSURE is very near.

Just the other night I had the most vivid and visually clear dream that I have had or can recall in a very long time. This one felt so real but what was unique about this dream was the feeling of sheer bliss, comfort and warmth I felt while I flew. So I remember looking up through the low floating white clouds as I hovered in the air, and in between the clouds I could see different planets and star civilizations, they were so clear that it felt like I could literally planet surf very easily or reach my hand out to touch them from a distance – simply by thinking it. I recall seeing at least 2 planets that looked very liveable with masses of water and fresh green land masses – and the feeling of serenity was unforgettable. At the same time as looking above the clouds, I felt a divine presence, of such radiant light and sheer bliss that it is hard to describe. If this is my multidimensional self traveling between different realms, then I welcome more experiences like this in the very near future. Especially as the incoming light energies become even stronger triggering the mass awakening of the majority that are still asleep.

Two days ago I noticed the cloud formations were extremely different and diverse at sunset. The clouds had no consistency, different shapes, different fluffiness but what was more noticeable was the different shades of purple, pink, red, yellow and blues that covered a wider spectrum of colors. All of my life I have made a point of looking up at the sky, especially at dusk or at sunset – I had always observed the different shades of pink and red, but this was the first time that I had seen a striking violet and several shades of purple and blue across the entire sky. I even noticed two chemtrails that had formed, but when I took a second look 3 minutes later was completely dissipated – apparently the Galactic Federation have been working hard to neutralize the chemtrails, harmful effects and destructive attempts of the Cabal – and I am a believer of their divine intervention. Many nuclear disasters and wars have been avoided by these cosmic light beings over the past 50 years. Especially since the atomic bomb of Hiroshima had disastrous effects to other planets and star civilizations in the galaxy that it was the Creator’s plan for the divine forces to intervene in order to maintain the divine plan in the universe.

May 23, 2012. The Shift is Upon Us, The 5/5/2012 Supermoon, 5/20/2012 Solar Eclipse are Evident that the Shift to Higher Frequencies are Already Here

As I continue to spread the messages of enlightenment to my family, friends and other people I meet in my daily life, the most popular question that they all ask me is “who told you this?”, “how did you come to know about this information?” and “which web site are you reading all this?”.

My answer is pretty straightforward but a little jaw-dropping to the people that have known me (since I have been known to be one of the most logical and rational people they know, up until now where I find my creativity and inner spirit has been unleashed) as I turnaround to them and say, “these messages, information about humanity, predictions about the future, about the shift to 5D, the coming ascension and everything in between comes from a composite of my higher self, my inner knowing, my divine feeling, the galactic channeling and the voice within that has me writing these messages and blogs in automatic, without much scripting or over-thinking my thoughts, intuition or feelings.

It is only then that these people typically turnaround to me and say that it’s very intriguing and interesting as they themselves had stumbled on some of the information that speaks to the same 2012 predictions and events, with respects to the origins of humanity, the reptilian-human civilization, the collapse of the financial and political stage as we know it, and the fact that the ascension is in progress and will come to a climax and closing point on Dec 21, 2012. Despite all the noise about rapture, doomsday play of events and “the end of the world” speculations – we can all find comfort in knowing that none of these scenarios will come to surface. In fact the Shift to the New Earth has already begun, this string of cosmic events, planetary changes and universal consciousness shift is already upon us.

It is only then that these unawakened souls begin to understand the meaning of synchronized consciousness or a collective global consciousness that does not require words, language or an exchange of verbal contact for something to be validated as fact, fiction, myth or source of accurate information. Put simply, an individual has to rely on their own personal discernment and discretion as to whether or not something feels right, in every fibre of their being. This is a classic case of just “knowing” that something is the way, even if it goes against the current and old systems that have been put together by mankind over the past thousand of years.

I am observing synchronicity in a variety of my random activities, day-to-day tasks, events and actions that I perform in my own life. Whether it is the Mytown2 game that I play on my iPhone, watching The Avengers 2 weeks ago, looking up at the sky and observing UFO shape clouds, light orbs in the nightsky and more – I can feel incoming energy from the cosmos and divine source, it is so strong that I can feel the magical warmth come over my aura, and a mystical knowing that the shift is in action. On the iPhone game, it stated that the Aliens have arrived on May 21 and are now among us. The truth is, they never left. They have been among us all this time, more so than ever only because we are aware of their presence. And despite Hollywood’s attempt to brainwash in to thinking that aliens are our enemies, the fact that they come with only good and divine intention is imperative to the masses of unawakened souls that are yet to awaken.

I could feel that a mass of unawakened people became awakened as a result of the May 5 Supermoon (Wesak – age of enlightenment from Buddha) and May 20 Solar Eclipse. The energies are stronger than before, the vibrations are increasing. I know when there is a new wave of energies coming from the divine source because the rashes and itches come back on my left elbow, left hip and my left eye continues to flicker uncontrollable. My DNA is evolving, my body adjusting as my third eye continues to see visions of other dimensions.

3 months ago when my third eye first got activated, I would need to close my eyes and be on the verge of falling asleep and full awake consciousness to be able to see the images in my third eye. However, since then my third eye vision has progressively improved. I am able to see the images even when in waking state, simply by closing my eyes and paying attention to what I am observing under my eyelids. I try to make out the shapes, designs and patterns.

Sometimes the images are gas-like patterns that seem to be breathing – inhaling and exhaling, retracting and expanding but with vibrant blue and purple. Sometimes I can make out what looks like a glowing blue/violet flame that symbolizes the divine power within, an elegantly designed light orb, figure, geometric pattern like the flower of life (seen above). Sometimes I see flashes of light that gives me a visual shock making me dizzy to the point that I jump and feel that I am free falling through a wormhole of some kind. After a while the blue/purple coloured tones turn into a dark green shade. When outside in the sunshine, I close my eyes and can see light yellow, red, orange and then green again. Reminding me of the colours of the rainbow. When I was on my road trip to East Canada last month, I witnessed a full arch rainbow, actually 2-3 of them. I had never seen a complete arch rainbow in my life, but something was truly magical from that day.

I await the Venus Transit on June 6 with great anticipation. I sense a lot of changes will come to play for many people, their personal lives, their relationships and their own journey of enlightenment that will begin as of that date. The fact they have been able to observe Venus setting everyday from outside my house, as well as Mars and Saturn rising with Orion’s Belt looking so bright – has been symbolic of what other cosmic events will be occurring as we get closer to the Dec 21, 2012 date when Earth will be crossing over the centre of the galactic planes. I continue to use my internal GPS to guide me to my research, discoveries, feelings, information, predictions, visions and jump time experiences of just “knowing”.

I am personally thrilled that Jesus (Yaweh, Jeshua) is in contact with us regularly through his channels. I can feel the presence of our long lost brother who is still very much alive in spirit, in his eternal soul being. I feel blessed to know that he has not gone far away, and did not die forever per say. It gives me comfort that he found enlightenment and returned to his divine-human spirit being, along with Buddha, Gandhi, Paul (Saul), Mary Magdalene, Holy Mother, Mother Earth and all the other ascended masters that are still very much with us.

I am grateful that we are in touch with so many Galactic Beings, ETs and Divine souls that assisting us all in this universal ascension that is planned for our planet and all of its living beings.

As I continue learn about the concept of no time and no geographic space, and that we will be able to transcend the hands of time, rise above the need for language, border control limitation, material wealth and more – my journey of discovery and enlightenment deepens further and further. The systems of the 3D world I live in don’t seem to fit anymore, they leave me frustrated that they are so limiting, stifling to my true nature and stopping me from attaining true freedom. I feel that I have reached a level of freedom that many can see in my aura, they can feel my radiant contentment and the fact that I have been enlightened. My only wish is to help others find enlightenment and to awaken to the truth of their soul being that is currently in their Earth human body. I want to spread the great news about the following:

– World of abundance, peace, love, compassion and unity is upon us

– That there will be no more disease, hunger, poverty, anger, evil, greed or money (the way that we use it today)

– That we will all have eternal youth, discovering our true immortal soul being, with our jobs being to help guide others, serve others and Mother Earth as she is part of us

– That we are all one consciousness, when we hurt one another, we actually hurt ourselves

– That we are part of same ONE SPIRIT, and the only expression we need to make is one of unconditional love, compassion and service to others

– That we will be able to teleport ourselves wherever we need to go

– That we will not have to worry about the limitations of Time, Space/Geographic Distance and having to Work a dead end job that doesn’t have an underlying contribution to the greater good of the universe

– That we will be able to heal ourselves and others simply by giving and receiving light, love.

– That we will be able to communicate by our thought process, that we will be connected by our universal consciousness which will manifest our own experiences and dimensions

– That we will get to meet old friends that have left this world before us, we will meet them again on the other side – the only difference is that we do not have to physically die to get there

– That we will transcend death, that “death” as we know it does not exist. It is simply a gateway to the 5th dimension. Once we ascend we get to experience the 5th dimension without having to die, and best of all we get to keep our memories of our experiences on Earth.

April 22, 2012 – It’s Earth Day and the Higher Vibrations are Stronger than Ever

The Shift is in Progress – the Collective Consciousness is Rising Up

It’s 3am and once again I can’t sleep as the divine vibrations, messages to humanity about awakening and finding enlightenment is so strong even though I am really tired and physically need sleep, my third eye and crown chakras just won’t deactivate.

What am I sensing in this current moment. Change is in motion, the hopes and dreams that we all secretly wished for are in the making. We are collectively creating the positive change this world, society, humanity and universe needs in order to restore balance, love, compassion, care, beauty, peace, unity and respect for all living beings, the planet, and everything in between as we are all literally ONE global spirit entity of consciousness that have been divided up through the separation of color, creed, appearances, culture, ages, genders, types, religion, politics, beliefs, class systems, civilizations, species, statuses, languages and EGO trips over the course of 26000 years. And with our free will some of us have let the dark forces of humanity and all living beings instill fear, doubt, hopelessness, worry, anger, pride, war, hatred, and crimes against humanity, mother Earth and the universal laws that basically keep us living and breathing in our physical bodies.

On every level in personal, society, humanity, universal and cosmic activity I can pick up on many common themes, patterns, trends and paradigm shifts that are evident that we are all beating to the same drum beat, or are all having our vibration frequencies adjusted by one unified thread across all facets – this is called Sacred Geometry which is transmitting the quantum physics of sounds frequencies aka vibrations aka audio and now telepathic capabilities.

Our individual antennas are starting to pick up on the new incoming frequencies aka energies from the central Sun. Aka as photonic energy that is presented as light – we live, breathe, sense and radiate light, a bright flame can cancel out a room of darkness by lighting up a roomful of darkness. But taking away one lit flame from a roomful of lit flames does not even bring any darkness because the other flames just continue to burn brighter. It is for this underlying reason that good will always prevail, that love does conquer all fear, that the energy of light and love leads you to the truth, the clarity and the crystal clear revelation about your life – and that is that you are a spiritual being in a physical human body experiencing a 3d life right now, and have been for millennia of human history but have been living a life full of boundaries, imprisonment, slavery, limitation, negativity, destructive and in fear of each other thanks to a selected few at the top of the biggest pyramid scheme of all who have been pulling the strings, manipulating and orchestrating every aspect of your perceived reality. No has been untouched when it comes to taking advantage and stripping you off of any dignity, freedom of thought, living a fruitful and thriving life that is dynamic, exciting and abundant in love, life, optimal health and most of all your freedom. They have stolen your dreams, controlled your minds, suppressed your true creativity and desires and have left you limited in every basic necessity of life, influding posoning our food supply, tainting our pharma drugs and water, polluting our air, and creating false scarcity around energy, air, gas, space and worse of all have raped you of your “time” by introducing money that has you well….basically….working a job (just over broke) on minimum to what you think is a decent wage where you have to dedicate much of your awake and “conscious” life and prime time daytime hours to in order that you can buy back the right to the time that was originally yours for free to begin with. Yes that’s right, their evil and manipulative strategy is to find something that is available and technically free in nature or is your natural birth right and to out a premium price tag on it.

PLEASE WAKE UP and see the reality of your life and that you are enslaved by many systems, boundaries, controls, power trips and old belief systems that just don’t make sense any more! You are dynamic beings, it’s in your nature and your natural instinct not to settle for less or to have a less than ok life. You are here on an ongoing journey between many lifetimes in the 100s – to learn, to experience, to realize and ultimately discover that all paths lead back to its origin! Everything has to come full circle – is circular in terms of recyclable, infinite and sustainable energy entities whether it is in solid, liquid or gas state – energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is never ending, and you are a complex but free energy being with 7 earth body chakras, 2 more ethereal body chakras that are keeping you grounded, incarnated, in solid form and dense enough to defy the laws of gravity. However this energy is evolving your DNA on a cellular level because of the overruling sacred geometry and higher vibrations that are incoming from the Sun to the Earth. Physically our bodies are changing, mentally our consciousness is rising and becoming even more connected to one another through telepathy, thought connections and communications, a sense of just knowing and feeling something is right within every fibre or particle of your being.

This year’s EARTH DAY is a one in a 62 million light year event as 2012 is a year in universal “history” – because the planet Earth is passing through the galactic centre of the solar system, this is the first time in this human era and universal history that we will be able to JUMP TIME and transcend between dimensions while preserving our physical bodies and conscious minds/memory. Once we enter this galactic plane every memory that ever existed across the many lives of your souls will come flooding back. You will feel a strong sense of nostalgia, also your past, present and future will become intertwined because truthfully there will be no more concept of linear time. In 5d the perception of linear time, history, present and future does not matter anymore as you can consciously travel between timelines, locations, yes countries, continents, planets and other solar systems simply by thinking it. That’s right you can manifest your life and you have already been doing it on Earth thus far.

Imagine…no more Death as we know it, no more Disease as your body will perfect itself into eternal youth

…definitely no more War between mankind because there will be no need to fight over power, possessions, money or resources because everything will be in abundance.

Yes this may sound too good to be true, but it’s your birthright of life – you were born out of unconditional love from the source, the One Spirit, the creator God who projected both masculine and feminine spirits into different entities, bodies an living beings. A love affair existed between The Father Sun and Mother Earth. Gaia (Earth’s Soul) needed the light of the Sun (God) to shine his rays on Mother Earth for it to live, flourish and evolve. Without light everything living dies.

Ok back down to earth and in my current life of observations and pattern finding I can see that many of you over the age of 60 are starting to see and wake up to the light. Your inner eternal youth is starting to show as you are beginning to live in the moment, enjoy life, refuse to worry, fear or lose hope. This vibrant energy is so strong that you look radiantly young and full of life. My own uncles are overcoming their old age ailments, conditions and challenges in life – so much they even look lighter. There is a glow that I can pick up before even talking to them, and I could read their minds and personal situations all based on feeling their aura. For the kids under 12 I can look at their eyes and see into their innate wisdom, light, natural compassion and instinctive unconditional love – we have a lot to learn from them as they guide us through this evolution. For many of my fellow 30 year olds – there is a common theme to assess ones life, to find true meaning and happiness in all areas of love, relationships, friendships, professional, fun, environment and home life. Many either found true love or had to detach from relationships that didn’t meet their needs or nurture their soul’s purpose.

More to come…

March 24, 2012 – More Random Insight from the Voice Within

The Pending Downfall of the Vatican

Many people realize that the Vatican is full of corruption, and that it was a man-made institution to endorse power and control over people that wanted to “worship” God. It got in between the direct relationship that always existed between the human soul and God, as the sub-conscious higher self always knew that it was a creation of God, and that God was the source. It was man that set up the divisions, status and doctrine of the Catholic Church. That put the duality around God, by saying if you are good you will be judged well. Firstly, God doesn’t judge, and secondly he gives unconditional love so you don’t need to earn it. You are on this Earth because he already loves the soul unconditionally.

Regarding this interesting book called “In God’s Name” by David Yallop, his mention of corruption in the Vatican when Pope John Paul I was pope for only 33 days after his election. Funnily enough, have any of you seen Godfather 3? There is a lot about how corrupt the Pope and Vatican was, getting pay offs from the Italian mafia and even hiring the mafia to hit/kill one of the Popes who was only in power for a month. I think this is the same incident of corruption among many others in the Vatican dating back to the times of Henry VIII and paying off the Church with riches so that he could marry Anne of Boleyn among his many other wives. Have you heard the latest about numerous resignations in the Vatican and even the Church of England (Anglican Christians) with respects to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Also the removal of Vatican corporate accounts from JP Morgan, who was handling all the money for the Vatican. So in the end, the Vatican has been a corrupt and unethical “corporation/global network” – and as part of the financial and political collapse, is also going to be brought down. Many of you ask so why do people continue to go to Church if they know it’s core is so corrupt? My answer would be this, although many are aware or know about it, most aren’t willing to seek the truth yet. They continue to conform and comply because they follow the sheep, ideology, etc. Although with more mass awakenings, and these stories being brought into the mainstream, more will start to wake up and refuse to conform.

On a personal note I feel that my relationship with God, and that God is within all of us is the most important aspect of my life, and that I have a direct contact with God that doesn’t require me to literally go to Church and be in his presence as he is all around us in nature, and within us in our hearts and inner thinking. On the flip side to that, I will not refuse going to Church on some occasions since it has been part of my upbringing and I do feel a sense of serenity and warmth when attending certain iconic events such as the birth and death of Christ, among many other life sacraments, transitions and epiphanies. I try not to let the institutional, man-made teachings, rules and doctrines dictate or effect my life and connection with the higher power and my higher self.

Seeking the Truth on the First Civilizations of Earth – the Superbeings Before Us

Many of you ask where does Niburu come into play? Annunaki as part of our origins? What about the moon matrix? Or the Reptilian super beings and Sumarians who enslaved humanity to protect their gold on Earth. This link explores a very interesting angle that needs further research:

The whole idea of Reptilian ETs, apparently this species resides on the Moon according to David Icke. The moon is hollow and is considered to be abnormally large satellite that belongs to Earth, but many speculate that this was an evil plan of the dark Reptilians who use the moon to watch over Earth, and to manipulate the consciousness of the planet, and to effect our sub conscious mind with fear, anger, greed, power and darkness. Did you know that the concept of “hell” is the most lowest dense matter in space which is in the moon’s gravity. If somebody has been bad on Earth, their soul is sent to this nirvana, this dark matter dimension where they replay their life and witness the pain and evilness they created while on Earth, they get to relive it and feel the emotions first hand until they learn their lesson and move to the good side – then they get reincarnated into a 2D creation such as an animal. The Reptilians are made up of souls that turned bad, the ones that let freewill take over, and wanted to prove that they were not part of the Source of creation. It is these people that continue to test the universe, and test humanity on Earth. Apparently the Elite are being manipulated by these super beings.

The Sumerians were the first civilization (10,000 years ago or more?) on Earth – super human or anthropoid type species that invented the zodiac, writing, time, etc. Apparently they evolved the apes into human to become slaves on Earth for them, to protect their gold on Earth (the only way that they felt the need to protect something, is because they felt fear or threatened by something, hence their own dark side of free will). In a way they were the first to introduce power and greed into what was originally divine creation, since God created them too from the One Spirit. Their individuality, ego and fear got the better of them, and that’s how we got to the turmoil and darkness in today’s world – this will all be reversed NOW though since the Universal Law of Balance and Attraction can only go so far. Plus on a cosmic level, Earth will be at the galactic centre of the galactic plane for the first time in 25,000 years, yes Niburu is part of the cosmic plan but not the only variable, every other planet is also ascending, for Earth this means it will be at the centre of the galaxy where the “portal/blackhole/core gravitational centre” will be technically open, hence Earth will ascend through it to the 5th Dimension. As part of this transcending there is supposedly to be 3 days of darkness where the Sun is not visible. It is during this time that light, love and unity will help us survive this, and of course not putting ourselves in physical harm of any kind. Although our “new bodies” after the ascension will be perfected with no more disease, no more aging, and much lighter. Apparently we won’t need to technically eat to survive, as we would survive on the reciprocal energy around us. Although some will chose to eat because they enjoy the taste, social aspect and bonding factor of eating. Most synthetic material objects, possessions and the like will not make it through the transcending as they will literally disintegrate into thin air. Hence many new age people are taking this preparation to the extreme by going back to primitive living, organic material, eco friendly and plant life shelter. In the new world there will no need to work to survive, the work we will all do, will be to help each other – through art, music, spiritual growth, healing each other from 3D experiences, etc.

100 Levels of Human Consciousness

This means a higher frequency of vibration, in which low vibration density such as fear, anger, greed, hate cannot survive. Only love, light, peace, unity, harmony and compassion can transcend into the next dimension. In our dreams we technically get a glimpse into 4D by entering our astral body. And in near-death, out of body or when under anesthesia we enter into 5D. Did you know there are 100 levels of consciousness. Apparently in our day-to-day life, we are probably at 88th level. And then when we go under anesthesia it takes us down 10 levels, of course “death” would technically be a lower consciousness, but based on new age information there is no such thing as death. As when our bodies physically die, out spirit actually ascends to the 5th, 6th consciousness and beyond – i.e. our spiritual being, higher self. The great thing about the coming planet and human ascension, is that we can actually take our physical bodies with us, and that our memories between dimensions will be preserved! It has never happened before, where we can actually be conscious of our transcending if we want to. Once we transcend into the 5th dimension, we will be able to teleport, be connected by the power of thought, have complete insight and recall into all our past lives. The reason why I believe this ascension theory over many of the man-driven ones is because there is more evidence becoming available daily, these near-death or multidimensional accounts, channeling, ascending to higher self experiences are as real as it gets. Sometimes it is an inner gut instinct feeling that it does make sense, more sense than any other theory out there. Not to mention I have been going through the physical and mental ascension “symptoms”. A handful of my friends are enlightened ones, we talk about this stuff quite a lot. Plus one of their sons has a native compassionate and earthly wisdom about him, so do most of the kids under 15 are born with natural enlightenment, and are already with the high frequency and crystalline body – many of your own children are included – they are definitely already enlightened souls, and are typically naturally creative and compassionate.

More Perspective on my Personal Awakening

I always gravitated to certain songs, with inspirational titles such as No More City Life, Going to the Moon and Inspiration Point from my brother’s band called Burning Bridges. I always found the power of inspiration of music to be a big factor in my life. Funnily enough now, we will all be able to go to the moon, or at least travel through time and space very soon – there will no concept of linear time – hence it is important to live in the NOW. When you ascend, everything from your past, present and future converge, people who you know, people from your history and past lives are all around you at the same time.

When you ascend you realize that the history lessons of Jesus, Adam and God’s creation in Genesis, Arch Angel Michael Angelo. Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, mythological Sun Gods, the disciples, the saints and Gabriel are all ascended icons not of the past, but they are still very much with us still in spirit. Through channeling they are accessible and pass their messages through Earth bodies, or they make appearances in Lourdes or sacred places, and even in people’s dreams.

I think my awakening journey started since post surgery out of body experiences in 2008, then in May 2009 when I was on that Rockies glacier, the clarity of the break up with Simon, the resurfacing of my own creativity, talking to spiritual people around me and then the awakening progressed and peaked when I met Anton, being named after St Anthony (symbolic as I was baptized at St Anthony Church and parents always told me to pray to this saint who would perform miracles in finding lost things or people), there is symbolic meaning regardless of some of the Church’s enforcing rules there so I felt that I had been brought back to the light again after 10 years of darkness since 9/11 incident that instilled fear in a lot of people’s consciousness) and then finally the car accident in Oct 2010.

I think it was a string of bad luck at that time when Anton had his personal valuables stolen from the gym. It was a symbolic way of letting go of the past, any material attachment to cars, belongings and the like, and just being grateful for living. Grateful that I came out alive of the accident. Though at the time, I thought I actually died on the scene – because I was asking the people around me – can they see me, am I bleeding, etc? It was surreal. And the music still blared from the car – Skid Row “I Will Remember You” – I think I had undergone a karmic death of some sort as I didn’t care about my own welfare or physical injuries at the time, but was more worried about my significant other not knowing that I was in trouble.

Anyway, now the ascending symptoms are even more prominent than before. I close my eyes and I can see vivid luminous violet and blue images in my third eye (closed eyes, on border of awake and sleep, but trying to pay attention to what I see in my head). See more on the actual symptoms on:

Revelations from the Trans Canada Road Trip in 2011

As part of our TransCan roadtrip last year, it was an amazing life lesson to observe the diversity between the different Canadian provinces. And to be in Saskatchewan at a time when they had just had major floods, at the time I didn’t know, but saw these odd lakes along the horizon. And we also saw what looked like salt beds along the prairies too. They had also just discovered oil amongst the farm lands of wheat which was really odd. But of course the Americans were already in on the game as many came up from Minnesota (neighboring US state) to Saskatchewan to take oil drill jobs and to cash in on the “gold rush”. As part of our trip I confirmed my own sense that Canada can sustain itself in all areas of water, oil, gas and air. And that the NAFTA (north American treaty for trading goods and resources) didn’t really make sense for a country that had Alberta full of its own sustainable oil supply. Meanwhile we are all slaves to the Oil industry, and pawns on the chess board when it comes to manipulating the supply and demand across the globe. What is your own take on the whole BP oil spill? My own feeling of hidden truth on this is that the US wanted to make the UK-based oil company BP look bad in the eyes of the media. They could have easily found a fix to plug the leak, but instead it leaked for days and into months. This was another evil effort from the Cabal/Elite including George Bush’s company Haliburton to take control of the oil supplies for the world. The oil leak itself was sabotage, in the end who suffers – nature, wildlife and the common public. The whole Israel vs Iran war is pure manipulation from the Elite group, when you ask any Israel citizen or Iranian person, there is no hatred or difference there – frankly they don’t even know each other for them to be mad enough to nuke each other to death. Again it’s a fight for Oil ownership.

No More War or Weather Sabotage

The power of divine intervention have assured all of us that nuclear war will not happen, for every nuke that the US tries to launch to Middle East, Russia or China is foiled by the superbeings. The missiles are literally taken up to the stratosphere, the nuclear warhead taken out and the missile thrown back to Earth, in front of the sender (many ex military people recall these incidents, 10 years ago they were vowed by silence, fear that the Elite would kill them but now they come forward). It was Cabal’s plan to obliterate 6.5 billion people from the planet through nuclear war. And for the remaining 500,000 to go into their underground bunkers / civilizations until the radiation had subsided. However, divine power has clamped down on their evil plans, they have found their underground bunkers, and are now taking each of the dark power leads down bit by bit. Watch the news and look out for independent reports of this happening over the next month or two! There are speculations that the Cabal had plans to blow up certain populated areas of the London Olympics on Aug 9th, but these plans have been foiled – many were saying to stay away from London at that time.

Where Does the Human Arrogance, Racism and Ignorance Stem From?

American, Caucasian, European, Jewish or the “White” races that have continued to enforce their superiority over others. I can’t wait until we can all be united as ONE, regardless of colour, creed or belief. I guess the American arrogance that has been witnessed for the past decades is the same British arrogance that saw England be the super power back in the 60s and way before that, as they literally “conquered” and colonized faraway places. And how they took the low class people, criminals and slaves from the UK at that time and shipped them off to the furthest place on the planet, now known as Australia. It makes sense that this arrogant trait is pervasive in the American way of life, Jewish, Italian and all that for thinking they are superior races.

I think these European/White races make up stories and create fictitious wars and tension between them and Russia, them and Asia, them and Middle East. Which means they will always find an enemy in foreign cultures wherever they can and focus on the differences between us to start a war. For those narrow-minded and brainwashed white Americans (rednecks, racists, fascists, KKK) it’s a very easy sell. But hopefully more people will see the light and overcome racism because in the end, we are all the same behind our different facades. As David Icke put it, we are all the same underneath our physical “space suits” or if you take a drop from the ocean, what makes this drop different to the rest of the ocean it came from?

Generation Gaps and Trends

Yes the Internet has allowed us to become our own explorers, and for us to discover our own understanding of the truth. Of course with anything we need a balance, moderation and to know where to use our discernment. In terms of the generation gaps and differences in them adapting these vices, harmful trends and more. Our generation X/Y are considered the revolutionary generation because we witnessed the before and after of the Internet, we saw the most progressive changes in media and music cycles (live, vinyl, cds, dvds, mp3s, live), we saw the introduction of gaming (real-life playing outside, lego going inside to play pac-man, then super Mario to halo) and many more generation trends. Lego was a revolutionary toy because it fueled our natural creativity and ability to build something out of nothing, that’s why most 25 – 40 year olds are in an Engineering type job (IT, civil, chemical, culinary), because engineering is creation and innovation.

Indigo Children and Autism is not a Bad Thing

People born in the 90s are considered to be the lost generation – many of them grew up from broken families (60%), parents that split because of one of them cheating, easily gave into the society pressures of superficial looks, popularity, hip, drink, drugs, pop drinks, junk food, etc). However those born in 2000s and 2010s are the Indigo children. Starseed children that chose to incarnate into these new bodies to bring light to the Earth, to show humanity the meaning of life – compassion and Earth wisdom. These children are the ones that their natural creativity need to thrive, and not be locked down or constrained by society’s old ways, teachings and systems. It is important that these children can free express themselves. Of course for us to nurture them, but in terms of the past parenting approaches to enforce control, judgement and authority over their kids, this is not the way for these children as they will become stifled and stagnated. Did you know the rise in autism is not a bad thing as society makes it out to be? It is basically the right brain dominating the left brain – hence these kids can learn a language or know numbers in a matter of minutes, where as it would take us months or years to master something into our left brain. Many “mental” people are not actually mental, but their brain hemisphere and balance is broadcasting at a different frequency. As part of the ascension symptoms for adults undergoing awakening – the left and right brain will unify, hence the term fuzzy logic (computer geek that becomes creative) or creative logic (combination of maths with art or music with engineering design), etc.

March 22, 2012 – From an Email to my Brother to this Blog

Should you Continue to Work a Job that you Don’t Enjoy?

Throughout my life, I had always suspected something was not right with the current “system” of the world, the stagnation, inability to think for oneself and pre-programming of one’s life, to follow the pack, to be part of the rat race, to basically work a 9-5 job, progress through the corporate ranks and all that jazz, and for what satisfaction? I could never really see the end goal – it wasn’t like I wanted to be a VP, CEO or Head of my own large company just for the sake of status if it didn’t have an impact on the greater good of humanity. Although 15 years later I am literally knocking on the door of being a Senior Director, GM or VP – but I just don’t feel it is for me. Honestly, unless that particular job allows me to work flexibly, and is in a company that works for the greater good (and not for the profit margin of a couple of guys on the top), or doesn’t allow me to be creative or free in my design, health, music, cars, art or travel interests – then I will pass it up which I have in exchange for working for myself, consulting when I need to, living within my means and having a balanced life without stress. I think between my 3 businesses – my own Web Site Consulting, Lifestyle Wellness Consulting / Mobile Health Clinic and Mona Vie – I can sustain a decent living that I am happy with, even if it doesn’t come with the glam and glory of being a President of a company. My advice to many of you out there who wonder why they are working so hard doing a job that you don’t quite enjoy, that you dread every Sunday night when you are preparing for work on Monday morning – would be this: look inside yourself and find out what your innate passion is, what do you enjoy, what do you love to do that is an expression of your natural creativity – build something, draw something, create something or write something – find your happy place before life passes you by!

Why I Never Followed the Pack or Conformed to the Typical Ideologies

If anything I always wanted to deviate from the “typical” work life of 30 years, retire and then live on a pension – I watched a very close family member of mine do that, and for what. I also watched one of my dearest uncles give 25 years of his prime years, and quality family time to the Western medicine industry, but when he needed them the most while he was sick, they turned their back on him. I talked to his surviving wife about this, and it got so bad for my uncle in his final days that they ended up closing down the local hospital that he was in (which he funded and built) while he was in critical condition, and moving him to a city hospital 5 hours away simply because of corporate politics – making it difficult for his family to see him. My aunty still has so many unanswered questions and feels she has been let down by the medical community despite my uncle being so dedicated to see and treat patients even during his holiday time. I plan to go help her, and write a book about my uncle’s life – it would naturally include a lot about my family origins, especially with the title “The tale of a little boy from the island of Mauritius to a small town in the Prairies, how he followed his dream.” What was pretty touching was the fact that he left a small island called Mauritius that was unknown at the time (and with his roots in South China), came to a remote village in Saskatchewan, set up his hospital there, was the resident doctor for a community of 400 people in the town. He dedicated his life to their health, then he died. The town of Wawota started to decline and deteriorate it has become a ghost of a town, with no hospital, just a nursing home that my uncle opened up. Get this, where he is buried, is a little remote village outside of Wawota, that has since become pretty much “extinct” apart from a small stretch of land that my uncle designated as a community cemetery. That is where he is buried, along with 12 others including his own son who he lost to childhood leukemia (my long lost cousin) – but really it is a remote town in the middle of the Prairies – making it a significant journey for someone that came from Mauritius all the way to the Prairies in Canada to make his mark and for it to be his final resting place. My aunty mentioned how before he took the posting in Saskatchewan, they were in Chester at her family’s place, he also had the choice of staying in the UK and to continue his medical career there. So in the end, it seems our plans are made, everything happens for a reason. According to the super beings, we actually assigned our own life plan’s before we even incarnated into these physical bodies.

Take that Family Trip to Somewhere Magnificent and Open your Eyes to the Beauty of Mother Nature

I chose computers because I saw that it was a good way to channel my creativity, design skills and more, plus I could see that it would give us all the ability to stay in touch regardless of where we were on the planet. The fact that some of close family members while growing up left London to move to continental Europe was part of the reason that I thought I should follow my own natural tendency to want to go to Canada. I liked the balance of life it offered – the Rockies is still one of those magnificent places – I would recommend a life-changing family trip for any of you who have a child under 7 years old to go to Banff pretty soon – bring your guitar, sketchpad or SLR camera and maybe rent a SUV and do the drive from Calgary to Vancouver. Apparently there is a spiritual vortex up there in the Rockies. Oh yes before you go to the Rockies, you should go check out the Royal Tyrell Museum that has real remnants of the dinosaurs, and they continue to excavate fossils from all types of prehistoric/ancient animals, mammals and water creatures. As part of your attempt to FIND THE TRUTH about our ancient history and civilization, I think it’s fantastic! Also this museum makes a great prelude before going to the actual Rockies, because it gives you a really good perspective when you do see Lake Louise, Morraine Lake and Yoho’s Emerald Lake.

I Never Understood Why there was Racism and Global Warming

As for my personal awakening, sub consciously I think it happened when I was 12 years old but I wasn’t enlightened, I remember doing a Speech in English class, I stood up and talked about Racism and Global Warming. These were two subjects that I could never understand why they existed in society. And for some reason I became quite passionate about these subjects naturally and was pretty disturbed everytime I watched stuff on the news pertaining to that. I could never understand why people just couldn’t get along, why we all judge each other like that, and why US and other super powers always focused on developing the nuclear weapons instead of standing together to try repair the damage mankind has done to nature. And to restore the balance to the planet so that it wouldn’t just get destroyed into oblivion. Coming over to Canada gave me a closer view into how things are run in the US without having to live there. I would never want to live there as I was always anti-American in a way. Anyhow, I watched how the US had created false scarcity in every natural resource available on this planet so that they could have the power, control and make money at the expense of others – oil/gas, water and funnily enough even air, through Oxygen bars! How backward is that – mankind has to find something that is freely available in nature, and add some convenience factor to it so that it can be sold back to the unsuspecting citizens? What is even worse now they are literally selling storage space back to the people through those storage service/companies that will store your possessions in a “secure” warehouse for a given price simply because society can’t be trusted not to steal your possessions. Soon they will start to charge for our time – oh excuse me, they are already doing that with corporate slavery!

Observing the Fictitious and False Scarcity of Natural Resources

I watched how arrogant some of the US people are, wanting to put their stamp on everything out there, even down to “soccer rules”, they even amended the old English and European football rules from FIFA into their own American rules. And they even tweaked the English publication standards into an American Publishing Association standard of English. I watched how the borders between Canada and US became tighter because of George Bush, he was the biggest mistake to the world – but I guess in the grander scheme of things, the Elite ones had to have one of their own in power. Most of the awakened people know that we have been puppets on a string, and that we have all been played by these selected Elite few who basically have 90% of the world’s riches all for themselves (see How the Financial and Political Systems are Falling). While the remaining 10% is distributed among the common public. These riches have been generated at the expense and misery of the common people trying to make ends meet at the bottom of the hierarchy, even those that were considered to be “well off” or “working class” who were doing okay 10 years ago are not now, even two high qualified professionals earning a decent salary with 2 small kids are struggling to make ends meet. It’s horrible that a new parent can’t choose to spend the quality time with their kids, instead they are forced to be part of the rat race just to survive and to pay crazy day care prices so somebody else can be with their child.

Imagine a World of Abundance – it has Arrived!

Imagine if there is a world of abundance, sustainable and infinite energy – people wouldn’t need to “own” anything, because everything would be readily available. People wouldn’t need to work in meaningless jobs but could start working in the things they enjoy – like art, music, healing and helping others that actually touch people’s lives, strikes an emotion, or something they can relate to, skill trades exchange, gifts exchange with no money needed (if you cook a meal for my family, I will provide the music entertainment at your next family event), etc.

Humanity’s Tipping Point

I guess the world has hit a tipping point, the balance is so off that the current ways, systems, rules and limitations just cannot sustain itself. How much more can the cost of gas/petrol go up before people literally have to stop driving for the sake of paying their mortgage? Choosing between shelter or the luxury of a car. Or how many more man-made viruses, tainted pharmaceutical drugs and GM food can be created before populations of people in both Western, developed and developing countries are obliterated by either sudden death (Red Bull, High Fat and Oxidant foods), heart disease, diabetes or cancer (because of the tainted ingredients or GM factory farmed food)? How many more allergies do our kids have to face, or immunization jabs needed for a new born baby? If something doesn’t change soon, and it will, mankind will start to go to the pits. As people have less money to even sustain their lifestyle, they will begin to turn to other ways to work, get more stressed, spend ever less time with family, become miserable, turn to violence out of desperation and into a selfish survival mode. Did you know that nuclear war has been averted on several occasions by the super beings. They have been helping us over many centuries and civilizations – trying to help us manage the weather systems, war threats from these Elite and how to keep the balance of the planet (from a universal law perspective). I believe that they played a major part in the past civilizations, and those ancient architectural remnants that we see now – wherever they were involved in some of the monuments and architectures – they have been trying to communicate one common theme to humanity – and that is the availability of FREE ENERGY (electromagnetic, geothermal and cosmic energy) which would end all war, poverty, anger and greed on Earth. It is the energetic pattern of every atom, living being, object and planet of the universe – called the flower of life. Einstein was on the verge of discovering it, Tesla invented a machine that could generate free and sustaining energy that could be transferred into electricity. His lab was burned down by the US Feds and he was branded a mad scientist. The same machine that he created was used to cause the man-made earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Japan and many more – so this is an example of what happens when the technology ends up in the wrong hands. This special pattern and super being secret solution can be found under the lion’s paw of the Chinese lion that are at the entrance of many ancient temples, also burned into parts of the Giza pyramids, inscribed into walls of the Mayan, in snowflakes, in the crop circles and more. The super beings are here to work God’s divine plan that is fueled by love and light – right now Earth is in darkness because of all the pain, turmoil, war and corruption because of these evil ones. In order for the rest of the universe to evolve and progress to 5D, planet Earth needs to ascend too – therefore we as living beings on the planet need to be able to ascend. We can only ascend if we start treating each other with love and compassion to raise the vibration of our global and collective consciousness. We can do this by spreading our creativity through music, art, sharing experiences and more.

Where to be on or around Dec 21, 2012

I think many of you already anticipate what is going to happen around Dec 21, 2012 and you want to put yourself and your family in a better position for surviving the craziness that will unfold. You are absolutely right in thinking that as I too have been researching the “safest” places to be when the chaos, martial law and turmoil hits globally. My research is getting deeper and my understanding around what will actually happen is becoming clearer each time. Ideally I would like to be with those who are closest to me, that includes all my immediate family, close friends and all that – and we could go somewhere safe, away from any city or heavy populated areas. We would need to bring food, water and survival gear for the 3 days of darkness and mayhem that would hit most built-up areas. At first I thought if we were at risk of nuclear meltdown or radiation, I was trying to think where the safest place would be for that, so I was considering going to the mountains and trying to find caves that we could camp in until the danger was over. But then as I learn more about my awakening, I discover that we manifest our destiny by our thoughts – so if we continue to be scared or fearful of our survival around Dec 21, 2012 then something bad will manifest itself – or we would only see the craziness around us. But if we think positive about this evolution, and see it as a cleansing of everything bad, then we can feel free and embrace this change for what it is, and that is to have a world that is united in love, compassion, unity and peace. It’s hard to describe but for now I would recommend to stay away from populated areas because there would be so much negative stuff happening in our communities and cities (mainly because people would be scared, confused and panicking) that its best that we are not exposed to that, but instead to be prepared for the event positively and proactively by spreading the good news of the truth that is upon us.

Please Share your Comments around this Subject of Humanity

Let’s continue to share ideas on the subject of humanity. I am actually creating an Awakening Video for those that are newly awakening. It’s a TRUTH REVEALED kind of video. It includes some very fitting songs by Hammock, John Lennon, Jack Johnson among others. I have a very strong vision and sense that I need to go on a road trip through the Rockies with a indie music band to play in the small bars, hotel lobbies or outdoor camping grounds en route – this would be a movement to awaken the people in slumber through the power of music and free expression. If this feeling becomes stronger, I may need to act upon it. A free music festival that would literally help change the world!

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