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The Hidden Truth Tracker – What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Tell You

Since the mass media does not report the truth, this tracker serves as a way for you to stay up to date and ahead of world changing events that will make your life, the quality of life for your loved ones and friends that much better!  No more having to fight for survival, barely making ends meet and having to live a life of “wanting and needing”, instead with the new changes that are upon us, you will realize a life of true abundance, peace, unity and love.  Simply believe and embrace your desire for freedom!

More people are starting to ask questions, find answers, seek the truth and unveil the curtain and look behind the surface of everything that they thought was real in their lives, their community, their society, their city, their country, their world and their universe. Many people are tired and drained of working so hard in life to make ends meet, they struggle between working a full time job, looking after their family and finding the time to enjoy themselves and to share bonding experiences with their loved ones. It seems the current system is stretching them so thin, not only financially, but with every basic human need of air, water, food, space, resources and both material and functional needs. If it’s not the rising gas prices getting them down, it’s the high cost of living or tax season haunting them. It is making some people lose hope and faith in life and taking them down a dark path of fear, overwhelm, helpless and negativity.

This is changing though…soon you will be able to find your happy place…

The recent solar flares and the incoming cosmic energies from the universe are fueling a magnitude of changes on Earth – the SHIFT is upon us whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not. On both a planetary and humanity level, a magnificent evolution is occurring as the negative, dark and old systems, rules, limitations and struggles are starting to crumble, and all the anger, greed, pride, egoistic, war, hatred, violence, racism and selfish qualities in one’s life and in the universe are being released one final time before being replaced by the new positive, flourishing, prosperity and abundant ways of the light, with humanity living in love, compassion, unity, peace and service with each other, and every other living being on the planet.

Currently there are independent and reliable news sources reporting on some of the most controversial global events, soon these will be seen in the mainstream media.

Get in the know so that you can be prepared when the curtain drops and the world is at chaos, confusion and despair.

Have no fear my brothers and sisters as this is the start of something great.  The evolution to the Light, Love and Freedom in the Golden Age.  Embrace it and be well – with eternal joy, long lasting health, and with infinite possibilities of living a fulfilled and spirit-rich life!

March 2013 Developments

  • A new Pope is selected, the much more humble and compassionate Pope Francis.  The three Papal favourites at the Conclave were not selected due to the exposure of mafia associations, sex abuse allegations and drug money laundering.
  • Queen is taken ill, canceling her schedule to go to Rome.

February 2013 Developments

  • Pope Benedict retires due to ill health, however many speculate that this may be a cover story of the truth regarding the sex abuse scandals and financial corruption that has been exposed in the Vatican

July 2012 News Developments

Most Shocking News!  The Truth Prevails!  Most Shocking News!

The Old Systems Literally Collapse Like a House of Cards…watch the Financial, Political and Religious Systems Come to Light, Fall Apart to be Reset.  The Light is revealing everything that has been hidden and of the dark ones.  Prepare to be shocked with the greatest revelations of crime against humanity for 2000 years! Time to Refresh, Reboot and Renew for a Better Future for ALL HUMANITY!


Barclays is fined 290 Billion GBP for LIBOR fixing, CEO forced to resign.  Along with Barclays are 6 other British banks, at least 5 other US banks, and even more global big banks.  Watch the domino effect play out across Europe, US, Canada and Asia.

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June 2012 News Developments

Most Shocking News!  The Truth Prevails!  Most Shocking News!

The hidden truth about the Vatican is being revealed, it’s relation to Ireland and more European Union collapsing!

As Greece exits the Euro and Spain seeks a bailout, the impacts and the Truth is being Revealed across Europe, America, Asia and beyond.  The entire world is feeling the effects of this change, this collapse of fiat currencies!

The truth about the Vatican and it’s relation to enslaving Ireland 2000 years ago.

The Vatican being the central of Satanic activity.

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May 2012 News Developments

Most Shocking News!  The Truth Prevails!  Most Shocking News!

Greece to exit the Euro economy, followed by Spain and then Italy.  Once the Euro collapses, so will the US Dollar and all over fiat currency economies.

  • The Financial and Political Changes are in the Process of Changing Significantly
  • The Truth is being Revealed across Europe, America, Asia and beyond.
  • France has elected a new government that should influence the Euro economy.
  • Greece is in the process of backing out of the Euro currency program.  Once this happens, Spain and Italy will most likely follow suite.
  • Holland’s government is in the process of changing.
  • UK’s government has been discovered to be tax evading and other fraudulent dealings.
  • Iceland is the first to implement the mortgage and debt forgiveness strategy, but the mainstream media won’t report this to the public yet.
  • Sweden is implementing a cashless society.
  • Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan are under scrutiny for fraudulent and credit default swap activity that has been going on for the past few years.
  • Cosmic activity is having major impact on the incoming energies from the divine.  Two big events include the eclipse on May 20 and the Venus transit on June 6.

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 April 2012 News Developments

We are a quarter of the way through 2012.  My insights, predictions and intuitive instincts are super strong, and are starting to materialize right before my very eyes…

I predict….The Global Consciousness is Raising its Vibration as More People become Awakened from their Deep Slumber, many begin to wake up and smell the roses allowing them to see and seek the truth about their lives and their underlying purpose definitely coming to a defining moment in Spring! Significant changes in both personal and professional areas of their lives will occur in May and shortly before June 6th drastic decisions will be made as part of the Venus transit cosmic activity…

Most Shocking News!  The Truth Prevails!  Most Shocking News!

The Biggest Scam on Humanity via Financial Tyranny, Global Domination and the Evil Manipulation of Humanity.

7 Billion People will soon discover how this Financial Elite have pulled the strings for thousands of years, and played humanity like pawns on a chessboard. They have taken control of all of Earth’s natural resources and hoarded the Earth’s riches, both Gold, bonds and monetary wealth for themselves while the remaining 6.5 billion continue to struggle to survive. Read the truth about Asia being the original super power, and the US being a Western experiment run by the East – and how everything has come full circle now as the global debt has gotten out of control.

Follow the story of Financial Tyranny by David Wilcock –

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