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As you continue to research, become enlightened and seek the truth about humanity, our origins, the universe and the systems that keep you trapped and enslaved – here are a list of reputable sites and references to assist you on your SPIRITUAL QUEST to the NEW AGE, the GOLDEN AGE.  These sites are part of the New Earth Network.

More Information as you Awaken

How do I prepare for the Evolution of Earth and Mankind? Check out another post on how people are preparing for the evolution to 5D, some are not even aware of the shift, but these trends are happening to many people in 3D day-to-day life.

What is the step-by-step Planetary and Personal Ascension Guide? Download this free ebook/pdf guide that explains the ascension process in layman terms. It provides a step-by-step outline on how you can prepare for the coming ascension of Mother Earth and your personal ascension. Help yourself be prepared for the upcoming events so that you are not phased by it or overwhelmed when it does happen.

Will I actually Die on December 21, 2012? What Happens to those that Don’t Ascend?

How do I overcome my deepest Fears, feelings of Vulnerability during these Dark Events on Earth? Keep reading the channeled messages from our various Galactic Federation of Light family, their intentions are for the greater good of the universe, and are implementing God’s divine plan.

What is Happening to my Friend or Loved One who has Awakened? Download this free ebook / pdf by Sandra Walter to learn more about what is happening to your loved ones, friends or family members who have already spiritually awakened?

What are the Key Dates for Cosmic and Planetary Activity leading up to December 21, 2012? Take a look at this blog by Aluna Joy which breaks down the events and milestones by key dates leading up to the Ascension.

Sandra Walter has a clear and concise explanation of the shift, creative consciousness, ascension symptoms and the ascension process. I would recommend her as a credited source of information. Check out all of her very informative and insightful blogs at:

What are the Basic Ascension Symptoms? Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually?

What are the Advanced Ascension Symptoms?

An update on Ascension Symptoms

What is the Ascension Process?

The 2012 Scenario have an extensive selection of blogs, articles, broadcasts and most importantly channeled messages that is a good way to stay informed on a universal level, a global standpoint, worldly events, day-to-day life events and more.

Enlightened Living has a variety of blogs, articles, broadcasts and channeling messages around the evolution of Mother Earth, humanity and specific focus on lightworkers.


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